Superannuation - SMSFs

Self Managed Super Funds are a way that you can save for your retirement and be in complete control over your investments.


Setting up and managing an SMSF is a major financial undertaking and is not suitable for everyone however, we can assist in management and compliance.

To be an effective investment option a SMSF requires a minimum level of assets (we would suggest at least $200,000 for it to be cost-effective).

Before creating a self managed super fund, you should consult with a financial planner who will guide you through the broad range issues you need to consider. We will be able to assist in the related taxation and administration matters.

The benefits in setting up an SMSF in comparison to other superannuation options are:

  • Greater control/flexibility
  • Wider investment choice
  • Possible reduction in administration charges
  • Capacity to borrow to acquire assets
  • Opportunity to purchase certain assets from fund members (limited to business real property and listed securities)
  • In-specie contributions (asset rather than cash contribution)

We are not financial planners. We will provide you independent advice on taxation and administrative issues only in relation to advantages and disadvantages of setting up and using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. Our clients have assets under management up to $20,000,000. You will find that our advice is impartial, only considering your best interests and is compliant with all government legislation and changes.

When thinking about an SMSF, you will need to consider and be advised on:

  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Structuring property purchases through your Self Managed Superannuation Fund, including accessing attractive stamp duty concessions
  • Account based pensions
  • Transition to retirement income streams
  • Reversionary pensions
  • Concessional and non concessional contribution rules limits and strategies
  • Assisting trustees in compliance with SIS Act
  • Salary sacrificing strategies 
  • Tax effective strategies
  • Investment rules and regulations
  • Arranging audit and actuarial services

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